For Sale: Transmission to a 1975 VW Bug(Bridgeport, CT)

This is a transmission taken from a parts car. I don't really need it but figured someone else can use it - why let re-usable parts go to the crusher, right? Unfortunately, I can't attest as to its condition but do know that the bug's engine had a beat out bearing seat. It is likely that the transmission is still okay - problems unlikely travel in pairs like that, do they? I mention it because I wouldn't want to snow anyone. As such, the condition of transmission is unknown. The price reflects that reality. Please note that this is a 75 transmission so the nose mounting is slightly different than the older transmissions. I forget when that change was made or whether one can just bolt in a different nose to make this work with older bugs, besides, of course, the swing-axle/IRS difference. Please make sure that this works for you, if you intend to use this in an older bug. I couldn't get the axles off the hubs so I simply cut them off between u-joints in the interest of time. This thing now looks like a plucked chicken, with two cut off axles sticking out. You'll have to replace those, clearly. $BO Call or email. Rem (203) 526-3763